About Us

Masala Junction is an authentic restaurant that brings you the true taste of food delicacies. The main aim of our restaurant is to bring you the best platter and let you experience the true flavor.
Today, we serve the community with the very best authentic food to leave your taste buds dancing. Customers visit us to taste some delectable delicacies and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our cuisine and its awesome taste provide a feeling of contentment when you are done with dining. It is because of our service, mouth watering delicacies and welcoming ambiance, we have earned such rave reviews.
Frank enough, we give our best effort to treat each of our visitors as our own. It is because of our service a host of our guest keep coming back for more.

Owner / Chef

Jaswant Singh

The owner of the restaurant, Jaswant Singh inaugurated the restaurant on 14 November, 2011 and till now it is holding a good repute. Working as a chef for more than 9 years at Delhi based Restaurant, he thought of setting up his own business. With a vision to welcome you with true hospitality, we make our presence felt in the heart of Dannervirke, NWZ.